PMD Solutions’ RespiraSense, the Only Continuous and Motion Tolerant Wearable to Provide Continuous and Non-Invasive Respiratory Rate Monitoring

Brahadeesh Chandrasekaran
November, 2018 

pmd solutions.pngWith a vision to improve patient outcomes by #MakingEveryBreathCount and understanding the complex and dynamic mechanics of breathing, PMD Solutions has demonstrated visionary excellence with the RespiraSense and earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Visionary Innovation Leadership award. This award underscores the commitment of PMD Solutions to develop an innovative solution for the unmet for reliable and continuous respiratory rate (RR) monitoring, to enable medical teams to use this sentinel vital sign as an early predictor of deteriorating patient health in acute care.


As the healthcare industry shifts from a pure fee-for-service model to value-based care, where patient outcomes determine the reimbursements received by providers, it becomes imperative for medical device vendors to demonstrate safety, efficacy, and economic advantages for providers. Because of this, technology that demonstrates cost savings is sought out. In this wider healthcare trend, RR’s importance as a predictor of health deterioration—resulting from conditions such as sepsis, respiratory compromise, and cardiac arrest—is resurging. Since early detection of patient deterioration supports better outcomes and therefore lower costs, particularly in the general care floor, continuous RR monitoring is in high demand. NHS England’s Innovation Accelerator programme selected RespiraSense as one of 12 innovations to fast track its adoption because of this proposition.

RespiraSenseRespiratory RatePMD Solutions.jpgFrost & Sullivan notes that current RR measurement methods are either manual (nurse counting breaths), which can be highly inaccurate and variable, or involve the patient wearing tubes in their nose, which can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient, restricting movement and speech. RespiraSense, introduced by PMD Solutions, is a wearable device that aims to solve these challenges by being a continuous, non-invasive, and motion-tolerant RR measuring device. Allowing for comfortable and accurate monitoring, Frost & Sullivan believes that PMD Solutions stands out in the non-invasive respiratory monitoring industry compared to competitors in terms of its patient centric technology, commitment to industry leading clinical research, and best-in-class management of its customers’ needs. Most importantly, its function as a continuous monitor allows for early detection of patient health deterioration, thereby enabling earlier interventions to be possible. As there is no diease that is best served by delaying treatment, this reduces the average length of a hospital stay. With clinical trials and studies, RespiraSense has been demonstrated superior motion-tolarent capabilities, enabling  the highly sensitive and specific detection of patient deterioration up to 12 hours earlier than existing standard-of-care solutions.

Another challenge currently facing the healthcare industry is the surge in chronic disease cases, especially within the growing elderly segment of the population. Frost & Sullivan believes that this trend will result in an increase in the demand for continuous vitals monitoring solutions such as RespiraSense. Also, as the number of surgical procedures is expected to increase worldwide, the use of ICUs, post-surgical wards, and respiratory care wards will also increase. These trends point to a huge growth opportunity for PMD Solutions, and Frost & Sullivan estimates the total addressable global market for PMD Solutions to be between $10 billion to $12 billion. With this huge market potential, its status as the only current market provider for such a solution (which is backed by eight years of industry leading research), and its continued commitment to utilizing an evidence-based approach, RespiraSense is well positioned to expand its applications and geographic reach.


bc.jpgAbout the Author
Brahadeesh Chandrasekaran, Industry Analyst for the Transformational Health sector at Frost & Sullivan, has a broad understanding within a range of sectors of the biomedical industry. With an ability to interact with medical device industries, healthcare practices universities and investors, he has a great understanding and technical expertise of medical device sectors and biomaterials, specifically synthetic polymeric materials.